Our first online variety show, The Halloween Scream Show, is a wrap! 

Aaand also a Zoom learning curve.  :)





Hey there!  Comfy Pants Theater is new and our website is slowly being fleshed out.  We're all about bringing variety theater online to keep the creative spirit alive while COVID-19 is keeping us apart.

Hope to see you in our online audience!

03:09   Bellatrix

08:35    Jessie & Jeff Ross

12:14     Shahdaroba

17:15     Rivkah

23:00   Macabre Max

23:52    Deep Roots Dance

00:08  Genevieve

04:36  Sway

09:38  August

12:51  Shahrazad/Wild Women

17:31  Rhea Abbott

21:00  Professor DR Schreiber

29:00  Jessie & Jeff Ross

32:54  Macabre Max