Comfy Pants Theater is on the lookout for Halloween and/or Fantasy-themed acts including

     Comedians/Sketch Comedy Performers
     Live-action artists
     Original video, original animations
     ...and all kinds of performance artists

Performance spots are 6 minutes...more or less. :)

It can be as simple as doing your thing in a costume. Actual Halloween/Fantasy content is encouraged, though.

Performances need to be family-friendly and slurs of any kind (ethnic, gender identity, political, etc) are out of the question, even in your music. Since we expect little kids to be in the audience with their families, please avoid anything excessively gory as well.

Violence is generally out, but exceptions can be made on a subjective basis. Example: Pretend to stab someone with a sword - no. Pretend to slay coronavirus with a sword - you bet. When in doubt, ask me!

Both live and pre-recorded performances accepted.

Halloween Scream will be hosted in a Zoom Webinar (pretty darn safe from Zoom-bombing), and simultaneously live-streamed to YouTube.

Ready to sign up for some Halloween fun? Let's go!


Hope to see you in our online audience!